Beyond Horse Hulunbuir

Discover the heart of Hulunbuir

We are located in Old Barag Banner,  the border of China, Mongolia, and Russia, on the most beautiful grassland of Hulunbuir. As one of first horseback riding training sites  in Hulunbuir, we have many  experience in horse riding and close relation to the local commnunity.  Here we have our own backcountry horses, and provide you best quality of riding equipments. Doesn't matter if you are a professional rider or a beginner horse fan, you  can find a unique experience here: the scenic riding route, most natural and good food, multi cultural inspiration.

Horseback Riding in Hulunbuir

Tour Dates 2016

Every Monday 6 June - 29 August

Prices -$1,580,00 per  Person        Contact us           Book your trip now!

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